Horse Stable: Herd Care Simulator
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Horse Stable: Herd Care Simulator

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Go to the horse farm from get your own horse and hit the road - be ready for adventures, quests, fights with predators and the opportunity to create a whole herd of horses! Game features: > YOUR OWN HERD - Create a unique horse and find its kin to create a herd > CAREFUL CARE - Wash and feed your horses and foals so that they could be happy > OPEN WORLD - Many stables and villages are waiting for you to discover them > DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES - From horse racing to fighting bears Your unique horse! Your horse can be one of a kind - find a unique combination of breeds, accesories and skills. Raise its level to make your herd as big as possible. Taking care! Remember - all your horses and foals need to be washed and fed so that they could be strong and healthy. Can you care for a whole herd? Open world! In the world there are a lot of activities, you just have to leave the stable! A lot of interesting quests, faraway places and dangerous animals will fall in the way of real researchers.

Demo: NO
Release Date: 2023-06-02
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