Starlight Alliance
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Starlight Alliance

9.9 USD


Welcome to the future – where everything is automated, recycling is at 99.9% efficiency, and Earth is considered at its peak. Humans and aliens now live side-by-side in sky cities far above the planet’s inhospitable surface. It all could have been perfect ... but it just wasn’t meant to last. Mysteriously, the systems started failing and the drone networks began acting up – nobody knows quite why. Two strangers, Lea and Cyris, each experience these system failures in two different ways and find themselves brought together by unforeseen circumstances. As a team, they’ll soon uncover dark secrets on the Earth's surface and find a chance at salvation somewhere out there in the cold darkness of space! Features: ●Switch between two playable characters at any time. ●Explore a colorful yet dark dystopian futuristic environment – on Earth and in space! ●Enjoy an original soundtrack featuring light chiptune touches. ●Face your enemies in fast-paced combat and use two fighting styles: Shoot or Punch! ●Solve light puzzles, featuring jumping, shooting, warping, and more. ●Gather materials and craft new armor, shields, and weapons. ●Follow the main story or delve into side quests. ●Gain experience, level up, and learn new skills! ●Fight multiple bosses or engage in special fights. ●About 15 hours of gameplay.

Demo: NO
Release Date: 2024-01-16
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